Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use IdBloc with any existing email address / provider?

Absolutely, IdBloc will forward any emails received on to your real email address by default

Will the sender of emails know my real address?

No, they will not be able to tell. Emails are accepted by IdBloc and then forwarded on without informing the original sender

Is it possible to tell if different IdBloc addresses have been made by the same person?

No, each IdBloc address is completely unique & random, it's impossible to link one address to another

Why does IdBloc charge money?

We can only support the development and operation of the service through paying users, we don't sell your data or do anything else that could generate money to pay our bills

Why should I trust IdBloc?

We are supported through paying users only, it's in our best interests to keep your email addresses secure and safe. This is in complete contrast to most free services, email providers and websites, who routinely sell your data, information and privacy as their main income source

Why should I use IdBloc instead of creating "plus" addresses in gmail?

It's trivial to link plus addresses back to your "real" email address, so you lose the security benefits that come with using IdBloc

Can I use IdBloc with a password manager?

Yes, in fact that's the best way to use IdBloc! We recommend that you install a password manager alongside the IdBloc extensions and store your email addresses & passwords inside the password manager

I have a feature idea, can you implement it for me?

Maybe! Contact our support team and we'll take a look