We’ve been working hard over at IdBloc HQ and have some fresh updates for you!


You can now turn your IdBloc emails on and off at will. This is great for avoiding spam or completely blocking emails from someone, while keeping your IdBloc email address available for the future.

To turn an address on or off just hit the little toggle next to it.

Address Toggles

Identicons (what are those?)

New email accounts now have a neat little icon next to them - this icon is actually an Identicon, each identicon is based on the IdBloc email address and is completely unique. This means you can really easily tell your email addresses apart with just a glance.

IdBloc Identicons

Overall Design Updates

We’ve tweaked the entire web app to make it easier to use and just look a bit prettier. Here’s a little preview, enjoy!

IdBloc Preview of new UI

Look out for these and more updates coming soon in the extensions and your IdBloc emails!

And remember, if you don’t have an account already, don’t forget to sign up at IdBloc.co, and if you’re looking for our Browser Extensions that let you create secure, private and anonymous email addresses you can find them here: IdBloc for Chrome and IdBloc for Firefox