Use a different email address for every website

IdBloc protects your privacy and security by generating permanent, anonymous email addresses on demand

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Everytime you reuse your email address you expose your identity

This can be used to track, monitor and even break in to your accounts

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IdBloc prevents this from happening

by providing a unique, randomly generated email address for every website or mailing list

Auto-generated email addresses

Use the web vault or browser extension to generate unlimited secure, anonymous email addresses on demand

Automatic email forwarding

Emails are forwarded straight to your normal inbox

Untraceable email addresses

IdBloc addresses are untraceable, never worry about giving your email address out again

Safe & Secure

Emails addresses are randomly generated and unpredictable

Stop handing your email address out everywhere

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  • Up to 10 secure addresses
  • Receive unlimited emails
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  • Unlimited Emails
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